Telecoms And Mobile Devices

Information About our Telecoms And Mobile Devices

Octavian have vast experience with designing and implementing cloud hosted VoIP phone systems.

These, when designed and installed correctly, can revolutionise your business, allow your team to work more efficiently and strengthen the way you interact with your clients.

Voice communications for the modern business are a lifeblood resource and hold a critical priority, which is why we only partner with the best providers to implement the right solution for you.

Mobile devices have become a force unto themselves. There are very few things you cannot now achieve on a m obile device, that you can on a standard desktop or laptop computer.

This advancement in mobile devices forces us to ensure they too are properly protected and managed with strong MDM (Mobile Device Management); to keep both the business and user safe and allow efficient working.

Just 6 months after implementation, we have seen a 30% reduction in email and we've consolidated 7 different comms methods into one.

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Telecoms And Mobile Devices service we offer

Hosted VoIP
Secure and stable.
An array of handsets available.
Free calls to anyone using your phone system or app, no matter where they are.
Very competitive call rates.
Conference calling.
Chat system in-built.
Very easy and fast management of implementation and changes.
Manage everything from your phone app!
Works seamlessly over multiple sites/countries.
Huge array of additional features.
Mobile device management
Strong and secure MDM (Mobile Device Management) available to assist with BYOD (bring your own device) policies, remote locking, asset management, GPS tracking and app installation policies.