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Common uses of servers are: email services, applications, databases, remote working, file storage, antivirus and security management, patching and network user management.

The best and most sophisticated software in the world means nothing unless it has the foundation of resilient server hardware with the necessary performance requirements.

Sourcing the correct server now is the key. It means a much smoother ride in the future when you expand or change your business requirements. Servers should be scalable and flexible.

Octavian IT have a huge amount of experience in this area, accross a range of industries and needs.

Since we took octavian it on board to handle our systems, life at work has been hassle free. we will be using their services for a very long time.

Managing Director, CRM Business Consulting

Server Solutions service we offer

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Many years of very successful service supply, management and maintenance.
24/7/365 monitoring and proactive alerting.
Automated and proactive maintenance and repairs.
Supply, preparation and deployment.
Server solution design.
Working with your third party vendors to ensure the solution fits the requirements.
Cloud or on-premise.
We ensure they arebuilt to last and scale!
Industry leaving warranties.
We can provide you with 'loan servers and hardware' in a critical situation.