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trusted by worldwide clients since 2016.

who are we?
  • We are an innovative, fresh thinking team. If you have IT systems, we can help.

  • You don't want the standard "IT Support" service, you need a provider that knows how IT works in a corporate environment. Understanding what really is a priority to your business and presenting the right options.

  • We're here through a desire to provide quality IT services with a common sense approach.

why do you need us?
  • I.T. downtime is a huge source of frustration for many organisations and quite simply negatively impacts productivity and therefore profit.

  • This is where we come in. Octavian being understanding of how IT and technology should work to strengthen a business.

what makes us different?
  • Partnership. Partnership makes us different. If you have problems, we have problems, when you succeed, we succeed.

  • We want our clients to feel we are an extension of their organisation and we'll go the extra few miles to prove that time and time again.

Our vision
Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager, project manager and technical team.

easy to reach

UK Support lines awating your call whenever you need to speak to us.

worldwide services

We support clients in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and the Middle East.

24/7 support

Always ready to help no matter what time or day it is.


Why our customers choose to work with us

a variety of factors such as your personal skills, experience, and reputation. However, some common reasons why people might choose to work with us includes:


"Our customers choose to work with us because of our strong reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service."

Tailored solutions

This helps us to provide our solutions to all business both small and large at competitive prices.

powerful strategies

By offering comprehensive solutions, educating customers, partnering with other businesses, staying up-to-date on emerging threats, and building a strong reputation.


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