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WiFi is now an absolutely intrinsic part of contemporary culture, not only personally but in the enterprise too.

This is not at all surprising given the huge, almost limitless opportunities it presents with high capacity data communications.

2/3 of enterprises allow their employees to bring their own devices into the enterprise today. This is a fact that says we need to be sure that we are using the technology correctly and securely.

Soon, it is predicted that 24 Billion devices will be connected to the Internet. The vast majority will use some form of wireless for access.

Let's be ready! We'll make sure you are.

94% of people cite wi-fi as the most important amenity.

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Wireless Solutions service we offer

restaurants, bars, coffee houses, accommodation, business and corporate
We can implement Wi-Fi networks that give your guests easy and secure access to the internet, whether inside or outside!
Remote support, maintainance and monitoring of Wi-Fi usage and network.
Segregated Wi-Fi network that is separate to your main company Wi-Fi. Ideal for your meeting room and lobby areas.
'Captive Portal' (branded landing page for clients to log in to, accepting Ts and Cs before connecting.
Intelligent meshing technology to help cover failed wireless access points.
Accredited wireless surveys.
Allows mobility and flexible working.
High speed wireless available.