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While rapid technological developments have provided vast areas of new opportunity and potential sources of efficiency for organisations of all sizes, these new technologies have also brought unprecedented threats with them.

Cyber security, defined as the protection of systems, networks and data in cyberspace – is a critical issue for all businesses. Cyber security will become more important as more devices, ‘the internet of things’, become connected to the internet.

Octavian's expertise and network of experts in this area allows us to provide the correct security management techniques to harden your network from and properly respond to cyber security threats.

It’s the basics that make the biggest difference, starting with people - human error.

Remember, the Enigma code was broken due to poor human operating procedures. (Great film...)

The median number of days that attackers stay dormant within a network before detection is over 200.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Micrososft

Cyber Security service we offer

it's in our name
Cyber security consultancy.
Cyber security awareness training.
Implementation of multiple, advanced antimalware solutions.
Server, laptop, desktop, mobile device security.
Email security.
Strong anti-ransomeware solutions.
Recovery from ransomeware attacks.
Web access/DNS filtering.
Network hardening & device encryption.
Comprehensive penetration testing.
Secure website access (HTTPS).
Mobile device management.
Device management and monitoring.
Security patch management on servers and PCs.
Cloud server security.
Router and firewall configuration.
2FA (2 factor authentication) options.